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A43 Motorway

We support since April 2014 the VINCI Construction Earthworks/Moulin TP/EJL South East Group as part of the AREA Market to construct the Tour-du-Pin interchange and the A43 localized enlargement.

Conerning this project, we worked on dry Networks which entailed the construction of :

9 765 lm of Trenches
3 900 lm of cable protection ducting, all diameters : ø50 ø80 ø90 ø110 ø160
46 300 lm of HDPE ducting ø50 et ø90
53 Pulling Chambers
9 earth retaining law walls


We carry out our projects with our trenchers which allow us to work at full capacity.

Taking the site constraints into account :

-Co-working with other Companies (24 Companies work on this site),

-Works Planning et Phasing to keep.

-Very specific traffic plan due to the fact that the motorway remains open to users.

Mancipoz TP demonsrate his ability to successfully complete the projects we are entrusted with.


A89 Motorway

In  September 2012, as part of the A.S.F Marchet  "Experimentation and Traffic Management, Sectors NERVIEUX / BALBIGNY / NERONDE A89 and BALBIGNY - LA TOUR DE SALVAGNY on the A89 motorway", the SPIE / ENFRASYS / AESYS group entrusted us the following Civil Engineering works :

-Laying ground rods on site.

-Trenches construction.

-Installation of pulling chambers.

-Foundations construction for Variable-message sign.


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